The Immortals


The Immortals were a band of 13 warriors that protected the States of _________ from the aftermath of the _______ War (war btw another state and magic or somethign). They were originally ceremonial figureheads, but an unknown spirit released in the war elevated them to great powers and granted them endless lifespans. They quickly became instrumental to the defense against the beasts and spirits migrating South after the war.

Notable Battles

Tzal-kal (LINK) — Defeated by Slayer Nidus and Archivist Qiliel. Tzal-kal was a demon gifted with extraordinary speed, such that it slaughtered an entire legion in the span of a few seconds. In order to kill the Demon, Qiliel constructed a large Pentagram of Time (LINK) near the town of Graford (LINK), and invoked a spell to severely slow the flow of time for the Demon. Even so, when Nidus led Tzal-kal to the Pentagram, it still moved at faster than human speed. Nidus eventually managed to kill the Demon, but the effects of a pentagram of that size and power permanently damaged the surrounding area and the Mage’s Guild (LINK) permanently quarantined and concealed the region.


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  • Warlord ___
  • Guardian Rohart (M)
  • Slayer Nidus (M)
  • Templar Izrail (F)
  • Sentinel Xaskel (M)
  • Hunter ___
  • Archivist Qiliel (M)
  • Artificer ___
  • Arcanist Yylune (F)
  • Oracle ___

The Immortals

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